Container Garden DIY Idea

Last year’s garden didn’t work out too well.  The soil is dense and rocky, and the bunnies, deer, and bugs had a field day with it.  So, this year, I decided to try some container gardening since my deck is pretty high off the ground.  As far as I know, deer don’t go up and down stairs, and bunnies are too skittish to get that close to where people may be.  It seems to be working as far as that goes, but I had another issue.  How do you grow a small space container garden on a budget?

The dollar store and some ingenuity, that’s how.  Well, those and Pinterest.  I mean, who can function without Pinterest?  Not me.

I already had a container garden tomato plant, but wanted to do more container vegetable gardening.  With my new clean eating plan, veggies are a must and nothing beats the ones you grow yourself.  Squash and zucchini are some of my favorites.  I have also developed a new love for fresh salads, especially with all the wonderful summer fruits and vegetables.  I don’t have a lot of space on my deck thanks to a tremendous grill/smoker combo that we only use one side of.  Time to get creative.

I went to the dollar store and bought some large bowls and a couple of pool noodles.  My hubby loaned me his drill and I made some drainage holes in the bottom of the bowls.  Pool noodles got cut into donut slices to use for light-weight drainage.


Then, I filled the bowls with a mixture of potting soil and grounds for my garden from Starbucks (FREE!).  For the little zucchinis, I needed some support for the plants.  I had some tomato cages from last-year’s garden, but they were way too tall.  So, out came some zip-ties and I bent them to a good height.  More holes in the sides, more zip-ties and we were in business.  Pop in the seedlings and there you have it.  Squatty little zucchini bowls.


I did the same thing without the cages for my lettuce bowl container garden.  They are in the festive green bowls that happen to look a bit like lettuce.  I also planted some radishes in an extra bowl.

FullSizeRender (31)

And there you go!  A little container gardening idea DIY for an easy container garden without spending a lot of money.  I’m a bit obsessed with this whole concept now and have added container garden herbs, flowers, and even more veggies like spinach, eggplant, peppers, and onions.

If you have some creative ideas for container gardens, share in the comments!

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Much love and light!



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