Evening Deck Sanctuary

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In the evening, after a hectic day, I love to sit on my back deck and watch the stars come out. There is something meditative and therapeutic about that.  Just me, my spot, my plants, my stars, my moon, my night noises.  Sometimes, I meditate and other times, I just enjoy the peaceful break from my day.  Making time to reflect and care for myself is part of my every day spirituality.

No matter what your day has been like, it’s important to take some time for yourself.  Self-love is important and I am still working on this concept myself.  For a long time, it seemed selfish to take time for me when I had so many responsibilities and there is always something to do around the house.  It wasn’t until I realized that taking care of me made me better at the things I needed to do that I made a more concerted effort to take this time.  So, I created an evening sanctuary for myself.  I’m going to really miss it when the weather gets too cold to come out here.

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Many blessings in love and light!


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