Watering the Wildlife

The Back Deck bird bar gang have been around since midwinter. They have become accustomed to the feed pan, and it is part of my morning ritual. I fill it and the hanging feeder and bless them both. I’ve recently had Joe the cardinal come with his fledgling to teach it how to eat from the pan.  The wildlife have become my wild pets. They have names and personality, and are slowly warming up to me being outside with them.  The birds and squirrels like to wander around checking out new additions to the container garden, while the bunnies munch on the wild strawberries under the deck.

As the weather here in the south began to heat up, I had a pool installed at The Back Deck. Ok, so I put out a bird bath. The funny thing is, no one bathes in it. It has become a watering hole instead.  Everyone from Rockie the squirrel to Chocolate the dove pop over for a drink after their nosh.

The bowl sits beside the pan in the middle of the deck (or off to the side when I need the space for my yoga mat) so they can easily find fresh water in the heat of the day. The gang is patient and take turns, for the most part, at both. Only once in a while will there be a bar brawl over peanuts or who gets to eat first.

So, while it is noble to feed the nature spirits around us, don’t forget that life needs water, too.  The dog days can be hard on little creatures. Place a dish of water out for them near where they come to your feeders. For our precious and ever-dwindling pollinators, place a shallow dish with marbles and water so that they may land on the marbles to drink and prevent drowning in their quest to quench their tiny thirst.

Nature is wonderful company when we take the time to be still and quiet stewards of the world around us.

(My grill wheel has photo bombed big time today. I’m out of propane and never use the smoker side. May be time to turn the behemoth into a planter. )

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Much love and light!



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