Container Garden Transplanting Seedlings and Aloe Vera How To

Starting seeds in small containers is wonderful, but there comes a time when they need a little breathing room. When the time comes, head for your local discount store. I found some great Fourth of July partyware on clearance. By now, you should know that pots aren’t really my thing. They get pricy and there’s really no excuse for it. Plastic containers and plastic pots are made pretty much the same way, but for some reason pots cost ten times more.

Like my earlier post, Container Garden DIY, I begin with drilling holes since partyware doesn’t come with them pre-drilled. Now, be careful here. Going too fast or pressing too hard with the drill can crack the bowl.

Even as many times as I’ve done this, I still screw it up.  Easy pressure and let the bit work for you.


Now, we begin the fun part. Dirt!!  Actually, potting soil and pool noodle donuts.   Potting soil is important to container gardening success. Garden soil is too dense and heavy for container plants to root well and drain properly.

My aloe plant was bought for me because I tend to burn myself when I cook. I blame it on being 5 feet tall and too close to the stove and pots. My family says I’m a kitchen clutz.  The plant was in a kitchen window, but just wasn’t thriving so I moved it outside.  It began to do better, but was clearly root bound.

Time to help the little guy out. After prepping his new digs, I loosened up his roots.

While it seems cruel and like you are hurting the plant, it will thank you for it. Don’t worry if some roots break. Plants are awesome at overcoming that.  Nestle those newly freed roots into some potting soil and water it well to let the roots settle in to their new place.

The other seedlings are far from root bound, but need space so they can grow into the big beautiful plants they are meant to be. After deciding who was going to live where (spinach in the large ones, eggplants in the blue, jalapeños in the small red), it was time to get transplanting.

I’m sure you’re thinking Misic City Hippie must have some fabulous potting bench made out of reclaimed things (#goals), but the reality looks more like this:

Yep, that’s how I roll. Plopped down on my deck in the dirt and bird seed shells. Glamour gardening.

It gets the job done, though. I do have a small issue. My container vegetable garden addiction is taking up some of my space for my yoga on the deck obsession. Making it work.   The doves and squirrels had to come by and check out my handiwork when I was finished. Joe the cardinal had his dinner while I was replanting peppers. He’s too chill. Love him.

Hope this little how-to will help someone.  Share your container garden successes or questions in the comments!

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Much love and light!



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