Mockingbird Versus Crow: It’s Not About How Big and Loud You Are

This morning there was an epic battle in The Back Deck parking lot (aka my neighbor’s tree and house).  A couple of crows decided to go all gangster on everyone. Crows can be pretty intimidating. They are loud and they are really big up close.  And they are mean.

There’s a reason cartoonists put them with the bad guy. They raid the nests of other birds. And ravens, yes there’s a difference, rip the nests out altogether.   Mean. I know they have to eat, too, but geez. Leave the little guys their nests at least.

These larger birds lack a couple of things the smaller birds have.  Mockingbirds and crows have a particular dislike for one another.  Crows, ravens, and hawks lack the maneuverability and speed of the smaller birds. It’s like watching a stunt plane engage a 747.  The mockingbird will dart, dive, chase, and pester the crow. Anything it takes to protect the nest and its valuable contents.   And the mockingbird doesn’t quit.

This epic battle being played out on my neighbor’s roof made me think about how we as people approach the “crows” in our lives.   These could be people or problems that seem to overpower us. It’s not about how big you are. It’s about how you maneuver. Tenacity, moxie, and determination can do a lot. Like the mockingbird, come at the issue from every angle until you find the one that works.   Search your soul, listen to your inner spirit, I mean really tune in and listen, and solutions will bubble to the surface.  And if you are quiet and still, nature often teaches us if we will only pay attention.

Be the mockingbird today and everyday. Trust yourself and your maneuverability.  It’s so good for your spirit.

If you’ve never seen this battle in action, I invite you to search it. It is sow thing to behold.

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Much love and light!



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