End of Summer Break?!


As I sit here this morning enjoying the deck, container garden, and wildlife an email pops in.  It’s from the school superintendent welcoming the teachers back next week.   Yes, today is my last day of summer break. Professionally, I’m prepared to head back to school, but mentally I’m not ready to give up my morning time on my deck. These meditative times have done my soul good.

This morning’s meditation became about finding time to do this once the school year starts and my morning schedule gets hectic.  I always come out to feed the birds and bless the day, but it’s not the quality time like his summer has been.

As women, we often feel guilty taking time for ourselves when we have other household duties to be done or others to take care of.  With some planning and a concerted effort, we can manage it.  My plan involves getting lunches ready the night before and paring down the makeup routine.  This summer I pretty much abandoned makeup and haven’t really missed it.  My husband said he prefers that I don’t have “all that crap” on my face and it does make getting ready a breeze.  I can also plan my clothes the night before. Such easy things that anyone will tell you to do to make mornings smoother, but the trick is actually doing them.

What can you do to make more time for the things that do your spirit good?

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Much love and light!



2 thoughts on “End of Summer Break?!

  1. Chief_of_Class says:

    I find it really hard to make time for the peaceful moments when I’m back at school. I think the key is routine and practising good habits. When I get into a habit of morning yoga and a little quiet time, it really improves my mood for the whole day… it’s just hard especially when you’re coming back from a holiday, to not just switch the alarm off!


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