Clean Eating To-Go: Dawn Harvest

One of the advantages to container gardening with a clean eating diet is the availability of clean ingredients.  Now that school is starting, this hippie teacher is happy to have ingredients for lunch on my deck.  Having time during the summer, it was easy to enjoy putting together clean meals. However, it does take a little planning to pack clean meals to go.

This morning, as I took time to gather myself before my first day back, I harvested some of the lettuce to pack for lunch.

After washing the leaves and chopping them, I began constructing my clean eating lunch. Here’s what I did:

I know, how Pinterest-y of me with the mason jar. Let me explain. The jar keeps the salad from getting soggy when assembled in the right order. On the bottom is dressing, then strawberries, turkey, walnuts, and finally lettuce. The lettuce stays crisp with the wet ingredients at the bottom. In the rectangle container are two smaller containers, one with raw honey, and walnuts in the other. Also some strawberry fruit leather.   The honey and walnuts are my favorite add-ins to my Greek yogurt. (After taste testing many, the Fage Total 2% is a winner.)  The container becomes a salad bowl.  Mason jars look cute, but they are super awkward to eat out of.  It’s much easier to dump it into a bowl, mix, and eat.  Some lemon slices in ice water, and you’re all set.

Would it have been easier to eat the Chick-fil-A breakfast the PTO provided instead of bringing my green smoothie?  Maybe. Would it have been easier to go grab fast food for lunch?  Maybe. But I guarantee I feel better about what I ate today!

What clean eating lunches do you pack?

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Much love and light!



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