What Colors Are Your Plate?  Why We Fall For Brown

Nutritionists will tell you to “eat a rainbow.”  There is a very good reason for that when it comes to the fuel your body needs.   Much of the American diet is a shade of brown.  If shades of brown are the main palate of your plate, consider making a change for the vibrant.

Fried foods, breads, gravies, pastas. All of these things are delicious or they wouldn’t have taken the country by a storm over recent decades. However, they lack nutrients and the energy boosting vitamins we need. They leave us feeling bloated, tired, and with cravings we seek to satisfy. Cravings are often our body’s way of communicating needs. How we interpret the signals determines what we eat or do to satisfy the need. Heading off a craving will always be a better choice than struggling to interpret our body’s craving.

Consider a popular meal from an initialed restaurant chain: fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and Mac and cheese.   Once could argue that there are some nutrients and protein on that plate, and even a few colors: brown, white, yellow.  If you put that monochromatic plate next to the one in the photo above, which one is the better choice?  Simple, right?  Sure, it is.  The problem comes from a mentality of convenience. A drive through is a time saver in the short run, but can cost you dearly in the long run. Once in a while, we have little choice. Life happens. Our culture has evolved into something that sees convenience as the ultimate goal.

This is sad.  We have over scheduled ourselves to the point where we don’t make time for preparing and sharing a meal with our family and friends. There was a point in history where meals where almost ceremonial in nature.  Generation after generation, the change from being present to rushing towards the future has avalanched.  We over schedule ourselves and our children. Think past this a bit and imagine what our grandchildren will be doing.  As a teacher, I actually have parents telling me their child didn’t have time to do their homework because they got back from dance lessons too late. Priorities have shifted dangerously.   What effect will this have in the next generation?  If we don’t slow down and make some positive changes, we are dooming ourselves and future family members to lives of unhealthy perceptions of what is a good life.

Make time for a colorful meal. Make it important again. Make it ceremonial again. Make what you eat a conscious choice. A vibrant one. Eat with the seasons. I’m not saying these things will cause the overall ride to turn, but taking steps to instill in ourselves and those around us that we are worth taking time for can never be a bad thing. When we take the best care of ourselves, we have less weighing us down physically and spiritually which allows us to give more to build up those around us.

Taste the rainbow, just not the candy-coated one.

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Much love and light!



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