Pruning the Garden and the Mind

After a clumsy attempt to funnel some of a large bag of birdseed into my more manageable milk jug,

I decided to do a little pruning of the lettuce containers.

Clearly, it has been a while as evidenced from the pile of leaves quickly building.

Pruning plants is an important part of healthy growth. It makes room for new growth while relieving the plant of fading leaves that are sucking needed water and nutrients to no end.   As I sat there talking to the plants about how much better they will feel when they have room to stretch and grow, I realized that the same is true for me.

You see, we humans tend to carry around a lot of energy sucking things. We get so used to this that we don’t even notice the drain it places on us until it manifests in something more serious. The fading leaves of our plant can be many things: a criticism at work, an extra pound on the scale after a holiday, or any number of little things that become big things in our mind.

I’m reminded of the story of the psychologist speaking to a group of people about a half full glass of water. It wasn’t what they expected her to say. She asked how heavy it was, not how full it was.   She said if you hold the glass in your outstretched hand for a moment, it’s not heavy. For half an hour, it’s much harder to do. What about for days?  Impossible. But, wait, it’s just a small glass of water, right?  If we carry small things around and let them suck our energy, we lose energy and joy in our struggle.  But what happens when we set the glass down?  Relief. The same for pruning the soul sucking leaf things out of our lives.

I am not advocating making large changes all at once. You wouldn’t hack down half a plant at once without risking the plant going into shock.  Don’t do that to yourself, either. Start with one small thing. What small thing or thought can you let go of?

Is overthinking and worry your fading leaf?  What can you release that you cannot control?

Is cleaning up clutter a constant fading leaf for you?  What can you purge?  Start with your closet.  Giving it to charity will add a little extra feel good energy to you.

Are you over scheduled?  Or worse, are your children?  What faded leaf activity can you do without to make room for growing memories that matter?

Spend some time with yourself and take s good look at the growing living thing you are.   Notice where your wandering thoughts go. Are they positive?  Regrets?  Fading leaves?  Precious memories?  What can you let go of to make room for the love and light to grow and flourish?

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Much love and light!



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