When Do You Do Your Holiday Decorating?

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It’s that time again!  Time to deck the halls. Every family has their own traditions about when the proper time for holiday decorating is. For some it is a sin to decorate before Thanksgiving (tell that one to the major retailers and their ever-earlier vomiting of Christmas products) For others, the weekend after Thanksgiving is the non-negotiable time for holiday decorations.

Then there are those folks that wait on pins and pine needles all year for the first cold snap to signal the holidays have arrived and the tree and gingerbread houses are freed from their attic prisons to make things merry and bright.

And then there’s us. The non-tradition family. We have no real plans. We have had sushi for Thanksgiving dinner, after all. My attitude is this: whenever I have the time and the energy is when holiday decorations will happen.   That’s a tricky equation since I work, write, and have three kids. And a husband. Time and energy rarely collide.

When did we get our holiday decorations up this year?  The weekend before Thanksgiving because I conned the girls into helping me clean house by telling them I couldn’t decorate until the house was clean. It was a great bargaining chip- right up until they got everything done and I had to make good on it.   So, I put on some classic rock anthems and got my Christmas decorators to work fluffing tree branches, straightening wire ribbon that had been crushed from last year, and trying to make the smushed poinsettias look a little better.

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So, we did it before Thanksgiving.  Seems hypocritical since I’m always one to gripe about the stores rushing through holiday seasons.  But, it’s one more week to enjoy the twinkling lights and wonky silk poinsettias.  One more week to wonder if I should have had a Christmas tree theme or done away with the handmade Christmas decorations that are slowly falling apart with each passing year.  One more week to tell myself that no one really cares that my Christmas living room decor is a slapped together hodge pudge of hand-me-down and handmade things.

So, when to you do holiday decorations?  What traditions do you have when it comes to decking the halls?

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Much love!



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