Happy New Year. Now Make It Count.

Photo credit quickmeme.com

How many of you remember the Summer of George?  Well, I proclaim this the Year of Me. And You.  If we are lucky, we will have 365 days on this lap around the sun.  What are you going to do with them?  We could sit back and watch them pass us by, or we could do something.

But not just anything.  While doing things for others is a noble thing and should indeed be done, don’t forget about you.  Here’s the thing: you can’t be your best for others if you aren’t your best.

You can’t give of yourself to others if there is nothing to give.  Put yourself first often.  Not in a snarky selfish way, but a loving nurturing way.

Take care of the body you have been given, whatever it looks like.  It’s only yours for a short time.  Be nice to it.

Your heart and soul you have for a bit longer, so take especially good care of them.

Make conscious decisions to be kind, but also be courageous and stand up for yourself when necessary.

Happiness a choice. Make that one.

Food is fuel.  Go with high octane.

Go outside and go inside. Yourself, that is. Let nature help you connect with who you are deep down.

Stretch. It just feels so good.

Do something creative, even if it sucks.  It still triggers a special part of your mind.

Keep a stream of consciousness journal.  You’ll be surprised at what your inner self has to say.

Always pay for the car behind you in the Starbucks (or other coffee place) drive through line. You could trigger a cascade of paying it forward and that makes coffee taste better.

Be brave, even, and especially, if it means going outside of your comfort zone.

Cultivate an interest.  Gardening, painting, woodworking, tarot cards,  yoga, knitting, whatever.  Just do it.

Read a good book.

Write a good book.

Whatever you do, wake up and ask yourself, “What will I do to make today count?”  Then, when you lay down in bed, ask yourself, What did I do to make today count?”  There may not be something everyday, but the more you consciously seek answers to those questions, the more you will make those answers reality.

Happy New Year! What things will you do to make it count?

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Much love!



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