You Can Keep Your Black Friday Shopping

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Bruce and I are just going to hang out here and be cozy. I just don’t get into the whole Black Friday thing. Even when I had money (can’t remember exactly when that was it’s been so long) I didn’t get it. Fighting crowds for “a good deal” seems like a terrible way to spend a day off.   And it’s called Black Friday because the retailers make a lot of money that day and that puts their sales figures “in the black” so, really, how goood can those deals really be?  Not good enough to deal with the crap that goes with it, in my opinion.

So, here this hippie sits with her squirrels, birds, and delightful fire. And coffee, because coffee is life.   Later, I will enjoy a leisurely afternoon of leftover turkey sandwiches and games with my mom and my children. Perhaps we will light her chiminea, too. Maybe I will write some on my novel and have a glass of wine or something. Or hot cocoa.

See, my Black Friday sounds way better than anything the mall goers have planned.   There is plenty of time for shopping tomorrow 😉.

Enjoy your day!

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Much love,


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End of a Season – Gardens and Life

Nature is cyclical. All seasons must end for a new one to begin. My grandfather’s passing has had this on my mind this week. Coming out to my deck for some quiet meditation brought me face to face with another example of a season ending. Summer is fading, and with it, my lettuce. I’ve tried to keep watering the plants and they keep fading. I’ve pruned and sill they fade. As some began to flower and go to seed, I realized it was time to let them go.

It’s hard to let things go that you’ve  worked hard for. Whether it’s in the garden, or in our lives. Relationships that are one sided, jobs with no growth, whatever. We pour ourselves into these things and don’t want to admit when their season has ended.

Clearly, the season has ended for my particular lettuces.

I decided to make my meditation an active one and practice letting go of things whose time has come.  I’ve always said there’s something therapeutic in the act of getting your hands into the dirt.   Connecting with the roots of plants brings us closer to our own roots. And, so, I pulled the plants up, tossed them over the railing for the bunnies in the morning, and loosened the soil in the containers.

While I enjoy the wildness of nature and her ordered chaos of creation, I’m also a sucker for tidiness.   After my lettuce purge, I sat back and admired the result. A collection of  garden containers ready for a fresh start. What will go in them?  Who knows?  So many possibilities.

What will go in place of the things we finally bring ourselves to let go of?  Who knows?  So many possibilities.

I’d like to think my grandfather is experiencing the same thing. So many possibilities and so much to experience in a whole new way. Unfettered by ailments and limitations.   The end of a season, but the beginning of a brand new one.

Much love and light,


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