You Can Keep Your Black Friday Shopping

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Bruce and I are just going to hang out here and be cozy. I just don’t get into the whole Black Friday thing. Even when I had money (can’t remember exactly when that was it’s been so long) I didn’t get it. Fighting crowds for “a good deal” seems like a terrible way to spend a day off.   And it’s called Black Friday because the retailers make a lot of money that day and that puts their sales figures “in the black” so, really, how goood can those deals really be?  Not good enough to deal with the crap that goes with it, in my opinion.

So, here this hippie sits with her squirrels, birds, and delightful fire. And coffee, because coffee is life.   Later, I will enjoy a leisurely afternoon of leftover turkey sandwiches and games with my mom and my children. Perhaps we will light her chiminea, too. Maybe I will write some on my novel and have a glass of wine or something. Or hot cocoa.

See, my Black Friday sounds way better than anything the mall goers have planned.   There is plenty of time for shopping tomorrow 😉.

Enjoy your day!

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Much love,


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Experience the Storm: Learning From Mother Nature

If you hang around me, you will often hear me say that we can learn a lot from Mother Nature if we will only pay attention. Yesterday was one of those times.

It was a lovely day out on Old Hickory Lake in a rented pontoon boat with family.   After hours on the lake, the weather did what it so often does in the summer. Pop up storms spawned over the water. Lightning struck in the distance so we got everyone out of the water and decided to head back to the marina.

We hoped the storms were moving in a direction that wouldn’t hit us, and for a while it seemed to be so. But not for long.   As we came upon Drakes Creek (which is very wide at the point where we had to go) we came upon this:

A wall of rain. Heavy rain. You see, the point between the dark trees is the path we had to take. You can’t even see the long stretch of water for the rain.

As we approached, the rain began to pelt us and it hurt. My brother slowed the boat that had been racing to get back to the marina to a crawl.   This kept the rain for stinging as much, but it also made me think.

Sometimes we are rushing to get through a problem or a tough spot in life. So much so, that we miss the lesson we needed to learn. When we do that, life and the universe often find a way to make sure we learn it anyway. Perhaps, we should slow down and take time t experience the storm. Feel the hurt. Learn the lesson. Experience the change in us as a result.

We came out of the storm drenched and a bit battered, but with a family story to tell. It made our big family day out on the lake even more memorable.

Let nature teach you something today. Experience it. Don’t just rush through the lesson. Really learn it.

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Much love and light!


Watering the Wildlife

The Back Deck bird bar gang have been around since midwinter. They have become accustomed to the feed pan, and it is part of my morning ritual. I fill it and the hanging feeder and bless them both. I’ve recently had Joe the cardinal come with his fledgling to teach it how to eat from the pan.  The wildlife have become my wild pets. They have names and personality, and are slowly warming up to me being outside with them.  The birds and squirrels like to wander around checking out new additions to the container garden, while the bunnies munch on the wild strawberries under the deck.

As the weather here in the south began to heat up, I had a pool installed at The Back Deck. Ok, so I put out a bird bath. The funny thing is, no one bathes in it. It has become a watering hole instead.  Everyone from Rockie the squirrel to Chocolate the dove pop over for a drink after their nosh.

The bowl sits beside the pan in the middle of the deck (or off to the side when I need the space for my yoga mat) so they can easily find fresh water in the heat of the day. The gang is patient and take turns, for the most part, at both. Only once in a while will there be a bar brawl over peanuts or who gets to eat first.

So, while it is noble to feed the nature spirits around us, don’t forget that life needs water, too.  The dog days can be hard on little creatures. Place a dish of water out for them near where they come to your feeders. For our precious and ever-dwindling pollinators, place a shallow dish with marbles and water so that they may land on the marbles to drink and prevent drowning in their quest to quench their tiny thirst.

Nature is wonderful company when we take the time to be still and quiet stewards of the world around us.

(My grill wheel has photo bombed big time today. I’m out of propane and never use the smoker side. May be time to turn the behemoth into a planter. )

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Much love and light!